Our Expertise

Domestic Cargo

Domestic Cargo

We have an expeditious ground freight service in the industry. You can access our tier 1 network of trusted ground freight carriers for your special loading requirements.

Achieve your shipment goals and ensure that your consignment is delivered to the destination within the promised time using our trains, truck, and other ground freight services.


Less than Truck Load (LTL)

Being an experienced ground freight forwarder, we offer tailored forwarding services for your LTL goods by combining other LTL goods until the truck is loaded.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Full Truck Load (FTL) typically refers to shipments requiring the full capacity of a trailer’s space. Generally, a 48 or 53-foot trailer is used to transport FTL shipments.

Exclusive Trucks

We offer a wide network of freight trucks, including lowboy, reefer, flatbed, bulk & tanker, mega trailers & chassis.